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"Meg Ryan" (the song) getting airplay on a demo mp3 recording!

Playlist, Scandinavia To San Diego, Saturday, 5 May, 2007
WHUS, 91.7 FM "UConn's Radio For The People"

Passing Through - Catie Curtis
Buddha Behind The Wheel - Fred Small
West Virginia Friend - Holly Near
A Better Place To Be - Harry Chapin
Green Eyes - Misty River
Cup of Coffee - John McCutcheon
Meg Ryan - Terry Kelly
Wild Irish Rose - George Jones
The "W" Song - Ted Blackwell

There Will Never Be Another You - Rick Jones

Tampa Radio Appearance

Playlist for "Florida Folk" (Jan. 15, 2004) Hosted by "Sunset Beach" Pete Gallagher and Bobby Hicks (with "Hollywood" Dave).

1. Cool Bus Riders "Withlacoochee Rag" Just Arrived
2. Terry Kelly "Hurricane Town" Below The Northern Lights
3. Jim Ballew "Don't Tell Mama" Roll On Manatee
4. Ashley Gang "The Fisherman" Doing Time
5. Mike Runion "Barely Awake" Dust Me
6. Scotty Jogwick "She's Still An Angel" Steppin' On Dog Sh*t
7. Terry Kelly "When I Was A Dog" Kool Beanz CD/Live
8. Bobby Hicks "Condo/Hurricane" I'm Florida
9. Rod MacDonald "The Aucilla River Song" Into The Blue
10. Pat Barmore "Florida" Flatwoods
11. Terry Kelly "Crossing Two Rivers" Below The Northern Lights
12. Terry Kelly "Sunday Rain" Below The Northern Lights

Thanks Pete, Bobby, Pat, and everybody at Ka' Tiki in Sunset Beach for a great evening of Florida folk music.

Across America
still available for download at Just click on the album cover below and thanks.

Press Quotes and Otherwords

"Terry's a Great Songwriter."
-Fred Migliore, "FM Odyssey" WFIT, 89.5 FM, National Public Radio from Florida Tech in Melbourne, FL.

"Heart felt folk from the eastern wilds of Florida." -Mike Runion

"Sounds good!" -Chuck Brodsky

"Outstanding Songs." -Radio Indy.

"Damned Good." -Ray Swennen,
"Roots Revival" Radio ATL, Belgium.

"Great Folk. My Cat Even Likes It. I'll be playing several tracks on my programme."
-Genevieve Tudor,
"Sunday Folk" BBC Radio 2, U.K.

"A Fine and Natural Sound. Great Music."
-Gerd Stassen, Radio EVW, Germany.

"American Folk at its Best."
-Ray Pieters, Radio MILO, Belgium.

"Great Web Site." -Dan Beach, Studio 8H, New York, NY.

"A gifted performer." -Melanie Velasik, (Florida Today Newspaper, Melbourne, FL)

"I'm a big fan!" -Shana Smith, (Tampa singer/songwriter and a true Florida treasure).

"I'm a big fan too! Hey . . wait! did you say Terry Kelly?" -Magda Hiller, (Extraordinary Florida singer-songwriter).

"Terry's one of the best! He's the perfect coffeehouse performer and damn funny too!"
-Java John Goldacker, "On the Flip-Side" WFIT, 89.5 FM (Saturday at 6 PM) and former owner with wife Jen of Kool Beanz Coffeehouse, Cocoa Village, Florida.

"Move to Nashville?" -Mickey Harris (John Hammonds' Office, Columbia Records, New York City, 1987).

"Thanks for the beer! You need to play at Kerrville." -Rod MacDonald (The great New York folk singer-songwriter and journalist, now based in South Florida).

"Take out the garbage when you go!" -Ex-fiancee (Valdosta, Georgia, 1985).


Original, Old School, Folk-Rock, and Roots with a Sense of Humor, from Central Florida's "Space Coast," USA.

"Terry Kelly's song about Donald Trump's Hair is Funny!" -Christine Lavin and the late Mary Travers of Peter, Paul, and Mary, (2008).

"America's" Terry Kelly

new folk songs at

"Terry, please know that your involvement in our City’s remembrance and renewal efforts is appreciated."
Michael R. Bloomberg

Another folk singer . . . just what you need!

Terry Kelly is a former New York City area, (by way of Georgia and Illinois) folk/rock singer-songwriter/journalist and artist, currently living in Eastern Central Florida. In 2001 he self-released his debut 'Across America' album, which has received airplay on folk and roots public radio programs in North America and Europe. His music has been downloaded thousands of times from all over the globe on sites like iTunes and Terry's songs have been featured along with artists like Ralph McTell, Kate Rusby, Richard Thompson, Billy Bragg, Nanci Griffith, Woody and Arlo Guthrie, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Dylan on the BBC Radio 2, in the U.K.

Fred Migliore, the host of public radio's nationally syndicated "FM Odyssey" program says, "Terry’s a great songwriter and great guitarist. He’s performed live on our program several times now and you will be hearing much more of his music on this show in the future. His songs have that sound like you used to hear back when we were growing up, like for me back home in New York. Nice stuff . . very nice. Live here in the studio . . sounds wonderful . . great music."

You can listen to Fred's amazing FM Odyssey show locally every Sunday morning from 10 AM to 1 PM at 89.5 FM on radio station WFIT from the campus of Florida Tech in Melbourne,FL and streaming on the web all over the world and maybe the Universe at

"Terry Kelly is a great performer. He’s a real crowd pleaser!" According to Melanie Velasik, Florida Today (Newspaper) in Melbourne, FL. "His song about living a former life as a dog, "When I was a Dog" (The Dog Song) has the audience barking, laughing, and cheering, all at the same time! Very Funny!"

He is currently in the home studio recording several new songs and a few old ones with the desire to finally put out a "rockin' folk and blues" album and bring about world peace . . as always.

"Great Folk! My cat even likes it!" –Genevieve Tudor, "Sunday Folk," BBC Radio 2, U.K.

For booking or CD information, please e-mail.


Terry Opens a Very Special Annie Humphrey Concert!

Saturday, June the 8th, 2002, Terry had the great honor to open for one of America's most important and talented new singer-songwriters, when Annie Humphrey made a surprise visit to the central Florida area, where she performed a very special concert for nationally syndicated broadcast on Public Radio's "FM Odyssey" program, hosted by Fred Migliore.

Performing a great new song called "Edge of America" and several "classics" from her debut "The Heron Smiled" album, Annie was, quite simply, brilliant. "She is an amazing artist and a wonderful human being" says Migliore, who has featured Ms. Humphrey on his program for the past two years. "She is probably the most popular performer we've ever had on the show and tonight's concert will only add to her growing reputation. She is remarkable" added Migliore.

Jackson Browne and David Crosby have also been impressed by Annie. A featured artist at Browne's "Verde Valley School Music Festival" in Sedona, AZ, she has made fans of fellow artists from Browne and Crosby to Bruce Cockburn and the Indigo Girls. And, thanks to her exposure on radio programs like "FM Odyssey" her message of hope and a better life for Native Americans is being heard loud and clear by intelligent listeners eager for music with lyrics of substance, truth, and deeper meaning for a change.

She is currently working on a new album and, if her new song "Edge of America" is any indication, Annie Humphrey is on the edge of a brilliant and very important music career. More importantly, her songs could help to change the world and it's definitely a world that needs to change!


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